Brookline Community Foundation: Transportation

Transportation for the elderly. Just one of the many things your money helps provide to those in need. To make a donation visit

Advertising Agency: Hill Holliday, USA
Creative Directors: Kevin Daley
Art Director: Kevin Daley
Copywriter: David Register
Illustrator: Won Park
Photographer: Yelad Nivek
Published: June 2008


digifool's picture
261 pencils

So your cheques will get a elderly person a car from the Bill's Salvage Yard? I love how it looks like it's missing the wheels. You need to make some bricks to prop it up on.

Seriously though the other two executions you'll get away with. This one not so much.

Copy_ranter's picture
194 pencils

oh... another origami advert. Great...

Crisp One's picture
Crisp One
2007 pencils

what are you talking about, this is SOOOO FREASHHHH!


phoamcor's picture
1284 pencils

So tired of origami ads. I guess the creative team couldn't think of anything original.

Tapper's picture
490 pencils

A bit blatant art direction rip-off of John Lewis campaign recently done in England

Strip. Strip. Strip.

purplerodent's picture
123 pencils

Mindhunter: bored to bits with this origami ads. The creatives where tired and bored.....


Hardy's picture
42 pencils

I don't know why but this visual looks exactly like how I would imagine an old person's car!

It somehow reminds me of old granny's slippers :)

panasit's picture
687 pencils

You can't make wheels like that with origami. I think they cheat.

--good idea is enemy of great idea

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