British Auto Service: Queen

There are few mechanics who will even touch a British car. Usually owners resort to a dealership servicing their vehicle, which can be costly. British Auto Service is the perfect alternative. They're more affordable than a dealership, sometimes even half the cost. British Auto Service approached us with a challenge to raise awareness to this fact on a low budget. We created these posters and placed them in high, foot traffic areas around Milwaukee. Since the posting of the posters British Auto Service has had an increase of new customers.

Advertising Agency: STIR, Milwaukee, USA
Creative Director: Steve Koeneke
Art Director: Brian Steinseifer
Copywriter: Steve Koeneke
Aired: July, 2008


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Crisp One
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HAHA funny one!

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good lord....

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andrej dwin
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now let's inject a bit of reality into this:
is anyone really trying to convince us here that there's a big enough UK car owner's market in Milwaukee to do a multiple executions print campaign?

AdArena: Sex Sells

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they're posters.

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nope. it's awards fodder. and there's really nothing wrong with that, but you'd think they might try a little harder.

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I've got no beefs with this one.

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Neil Levy
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not bad. kind of funny. unless g-d turns out not to be a he. then you're going to be in trouble.

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