June 2008
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Advertising Agency: A&G, Massachusetts, U.S.A
Agency website:

Art Director: Maureen Metzler
Photographer: Craig Orsini

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Personally, I'm offended by the ads. They aren't advertising the library, they're making fun of the people who use or work at the library. It's like the setup for a bad Saturday night Live skit about an annoying librarian no one likes, or something the "jocks" in an 80's high school movie would put together to make fun of the "nerds."

I found an interview with the idiot who photographed this mess.

Based on the other photos shown in the Craig Orsini interview, I'd have to say he's one of those "I'm so artistic" types capable of getting the mechanics of a good photo down, but missing out on decent composition.

He clearly has no flair for what makes a good advertisement. He seems to enjoy capturing pathetic futility in his images, something that has sadly come through in his insulting ad campaign for the Boston Public Library.