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Out of interest, when you invite people to visit you online, is your omission of an address some kind of clever way to 'make any message get noticed'?

Because bohan.com gets THIS: "netassets.com has provided analytical solutions to measure portfolio characteristics and risk since 1996.

Download the latest copy of our software here."

Again, good luck. But please, if you're going to slap your balls on the table, please make sure they're attached to something.

I'll leave it to someone else to demolish you for attacking one brand in the hope of attracting another. You've crossed all the boxes, boys.

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The only real problem (the lack of a url is minor since there is this thing called Google) is that they fall flat. There's an interesting thought in this curiosity about brands, but the payoff just doesn't do it. As for the comment above about "attacking one brand...", give it a rest. It's all a joke. Scary that I have to mention this.

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CuriousPencil is awesome, and I am in agreement with his post. To the person who responded, I would ask why an Ad would rely on unaware third party to connect consumers, alla google? Instead of just listing the URL.

Also, if it's a "dumb debate", why'd they just insult me, by making me read it? They created and articulated the debate, so couldn't there have been a better, more humorous way to frame it than "dumb debate"?

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Learn to use commas while you're at it.

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