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The record store has gold records? This seems like it would work better for a recording artist that has moved... or moved labels?

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I never thought someone could be surnamed "Pulsifer".

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jeez. it's a concept. of course they don't sell gold records. nor do people do yoga in the middle of a forest or stop their jeep because 3 birds are sitting on a tree branch. and why would an artist want to advertise the fact that they have moved? i think it works for an indie store...

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I've worked with this art director at another advertising agency, and his genius never ceases to inspire and intrigue me. His wit and talent are a true testament of the standard to which we all aspire but alas, few actually achieve. Just being able (even for a short time in my career) to bask in the glow of his glory was a great honor. Thank you, Chad Grandey, for raising the bar yet again and giving us all hope that perhaps we, too, can achieve creative perfection -- if only vicariously through your own lofty achievements.

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