Battleship New Jersey: Barber

Some use guns. I let my shears do the talking.
Meet the heroes behind the heroes. Enlist in the City at Sea Tour.

Advertising Agency: Masterminds, Atlantic City, USA
Associate Creative Director / Art Director: RT Herwig
Art Director: Chris Holland
Copywriter: Pragati Mulani
Illustrator: Chris Holland
Photographer: Michael Spain-Smith

September 2009


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A stranger abroad
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The art direction is lovely, but - personally - I find the headlines less than compelling.

While it may seem like a novel and worthy idea to feature the 'unsung heroes' of the New Jersey, I am probably not the only one who thinks that the guns and fighting history of the ship are inherently more exciting than the fact the ship had a barber. Despite the art direction and the location, I still don't find a haircut interesting.

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how come they used Eric Bana?

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Not so sure about the concept...I do like the aesthetics of it though.
First time I saw it, it reminded me of an ad for Jean Paul Gaultier.

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some kickass art here!

they showed me a picture & i laughed
dignity has never been photographed

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Cool posters. I like the idea.

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Kick ass art. Really digging it. Kudos. Love that they didn't go the expected route and highlight the same old elements we usually see in these kinds of naval ads: pilots, men on the guns, etc. These guys smartly went in the other direction and give us a concept that showcases the other sailors and makes them the hero. Very interesting. I'm a fan. Great work.

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Love this stuff. Great design and illustration work on display here. Truly unexpected concept.

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i like its vintage look/feel .... this campaign take us back to a more pleasant time ...

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What I really like about these ads is the look and feel of all of it. Illustration. Art Direction. Words. Contemporary Hollister meets vintage World War II. Brilliant play folks.

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Some clarification please. What exactly is being advertised here?

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Visits to the battleship. It is now a floating museum and tourist attraction.

I seem to remember some great campaigns for this in the past. I just don't think this one is quite up to it, despite the art direction.

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Ahhh... Thanks. In hindsight it seems I should have been able to deduce that myself.

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just write
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Kickass art no doubt.... What exactly is being advertised here?

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Dev Kumar
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Interesting approach and well written copy in relation to that.

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