Baltimore Business Journal: Stay focused, Sales

Stay Focused.

Advertising Agency: Planit, Baltimore, USA
Agency website: Creative Director: Ed Callahan
Associate Creative Director/Copywriter: Trevor Villet
Art Director: Phil Reisinger
Publisher: May 2009


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there is nothing great about these ads...pretty lame

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Done. Much better on the album cover artwork for the last Soulwax album:

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visual game doesn't go with the seriousness ofa business journal.
lack lusture


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You don't need to stay focus to read these ads, or even concentrate. Easy legible!

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these are nice.. i like it..

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Maybe "Get Focused" could work better.

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perhaps if the message actually rewarded me for staying focused these ads would work. but it doesn't. so they don't.

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muy bueno.

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too weak to have made it this far.

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Emran Hayat
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what so ever guyz.. i like it

Creativity is a natural extension of our enthusiasm

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Wow it's not like we haven't seen 100s of ads like this already...

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Wow it's not like we haven't seen 100s of ads like this already...

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Who does it buy?

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its actually a good and clever ad i would say. in real, working sales are really tough to focus. and the background displays sensible disturbance as we try to look at the word sales harder. in my opinion, the copy blends well with the ad.

You Fail If You Want To Fail.

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I don't see where's the original part, it's actually a bit annoying because it makes me dizzy. On the other hand it makes it's point, I would remember this ad if I saw it on a banner in the city.

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