Associated Ready Mixed Concrete: Flower

Advertising Agency: O'Leary and Partners, Newport Beach, USA
Creative Directors: Eric Spiegler, Deidre McQuaide
Art Director: Paul Christensen
Copywriter: Matt McNelis

May 2009


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everything is so big and powerful in the american way... just like their movies...
sucks big time!!!!

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Clearly Al-Qaeda

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This campaign took some balls and tears to get past the client gatekeepers,
and I applaud the agency for making lemonade with the lemons this client had to work with.
Speaks to the target in their language, fresh, vibrant, and really connects.
You'll never see it at bloody useless Cannes, but I bet the client's bottom line improves over their competitors as a result.
You go, O'Leary & Partners!

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I admire the effort put into making this a copy-based campaign...however, the copy is a bit too forced for my liking. sad....

I think; therefore I am

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the first thing I noticed were the words 'A BIG HIT' and 'WE'RE NOT'
they even 'highlighted' them with big red stars.

to me, that's sends off subconcious warning bells that they're not as good as they could be.

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