The Andy Warhol Museum: Get your Warhol in the Warhol

the warhol:

The Andy Warhol Museum launched their new iPhone and iPad app, the warhol: D.I.Y. POP, on July 11, 2011. This ad ran in a local paper and used QR codes in place of the colon that exits in The Warhol Musuem's logo to drive readers to the app store.

Advertising Agency: Red House Communications, Pittsburgh, USA
President: Gloria Blint
Creative Director: Amy Rajakovic
Art Director: Alison McKown
Account Management: Samantha Morris
Media: Amy Meyers
Production: Tabitha Ziegler
Strategy: Matt Blint
Client: Rick Armstrong
Published July 2011

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Rotzgoht's picture
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Hopefully for them we are in an age now where there doesn't need to be a call to action, an explanation, or even a benefit to coincide with the use of a QR code, or even two. Good luck with that.

morse's picture
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I don't get it at all. Please explain!

.. / .-.. --- ...- . / .- -.. ...- . .-. - .. ... .. -. --.

ace85le's picture
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they replaced the 2 dots in the logo with the QR codes. I think it's smart.


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Rotzgoht's picture
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I am not against QR codes. I use them too. But in an era saturated with them, how is the Ad itself smart? I am curious.

PoetKiller's picture
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@Rotzgoht, I don't know. I think it's kind of interesting. I'm intrigued enough to scan the code and see where it takes me without a more explicit call to action. I'm glad the museum that invokes Warhol's name isn't afraid to take a risk when it communicates. A more explicit ad with more copy wouldn't seem at all like Andy in my mind.

Rotzgoht's picture
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I really do appreciate your response. I suppose it is a subjective industry, and things that do not work for me, works well for others. I am not the every-man, and I sometimes have to ask. So I thank you.

As for the QR codes, I wouldn't want explicit Ad copy, just something. Or I could be overloaded with QR codes on my table at TGiF, or on my deodorant stick, or somewhere else. It might be a risk to let it stand on its own and hope its existence is intriguing enough. But without any support in the Ad, it's doubtful.

And you may be right about more explanation would not be very "Andy" like. My goodness, he once produced a movie of a guy sleeping for 8 hours. And I've always loved the Velvet Underground. But a lot of younger folks may never have heard of Warhol, so the name may not be enough either. It's a big risk.

Either way, I like to see things succeed, so hopefully it's successful.

tytpol's picture
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That app is not for free?! C'mon son!

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