Seattle's Best Coffee: Starbucks building take over

The next big thing from Starbucks, isn’t Starbucks. To celebrate the launch of the new Seattle’s Best Coffee identity, Seattle-based Creature ( and the Zeno Group collaborated to help the brand take over the iconic Starbucks building in Seattle. Overnight on May 11, a clandestine team wrapped the famous Starbucks Siren in the new logo. Along the way, the company launched its first new piece of content under the new identity with the “building take over” video – check it out at (scroll to the bottom of the page). The new logo is designed to be a flexible, universal symbol that is as comfortable in a quick-serve restaurant as it is in a café or on a canned product or package in a grocery store. It reflects the new direction for the company using symbols associated with the coffee experience (a cup, a drop, a smile) in an unexpected way.

Advertising Agency: Creature, USA
Chief Creative Officer: Matt Peterson, Jim Haven
Design Director: Steve Cullen
Designers: Ramon Vasquez, Clara Mulligan

May 2010


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if this is not legal, your launch will be be very shortlived.

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Is that legal!! Next day Starbucks could take over your outlets :D

BTW this is the most stupid re-branding I've seen in a while

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Tommy G.
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haha, if this thing is legal, it's not very professionnal. What a bunch of idiots would do that haha

"a clandestine team" ... composed of my son, my wife and I.

One word: Ridiculous

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Bad re-branding :(

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Your logo is so ugly, only this fact would make this action fail.

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