Mammoth Mountain Ski Resort:

Less oxygen. More air.
Two daily flights from LAX

Advertising Agency: Colle+McVoy, USA
Executive Creative Director: Mike Caguin
Group Creative Director: Eric Husband
Copywriter / Associate Creative Director: Brian Ritchie
Art Director / Associate Creative Director: Joe Monnens
Senior Art Director: Derek Till
Interactive Associate Creative Director: Barrett Haroldson
Interactive Designers: Andrew Wetzel, Alex Ehlen
Copywriter: Lisa Lucas
Interactive Producers: Braden Stadlman, Bridget Charon
Print Producers: Maria Doering, Greg Goranson
Art Producer: Chris Peters
Photographer: Brad Peatross
Strategists: Ryan Olson, Kristin Woxland, Melissa Clark


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excellent copy work.

writersblog's picture
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i like!

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i dont like... its basic

CuriousPencil's picture
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Gonna be grumpy on this one and ask if you are *really* selling an airline with the words "less oxygen" and expecting someone not to freak out a little. The AIRline with less OXYGEN is not getting me on one of those planes, even with my l337 board skillz.

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It's not selling an airline.

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Just actually read the title - 'ski resort' - and feeling a mite ashamed. Ah well, it'll pass. Thanks for the correction though.

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The copy is killer... Awesome. I love the impact it can create for the target groups. Hats off to the copy writer.

And then GOD said...
Let there be creativity!!!

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simple,clear but i'm really don't know whether it can touch me so long```

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