Harbour Surfboards: Craig

I let a guy borrow her once. Now things are weird between us.

Harbour Surfboards has a 50-year history of creating handcrafted boards. Each one a unique design, a thing of beauty and in many ways, a work of art. Owning one comes with pride, appreciation and in some cases, even love. Harbour Surf Day was started as a way to celebrate that. This campaign takes a look at the affection real owners have for their board and entices others to come and fall in love for themselves.

Art Director: Jason Penning
Copywriter: Steve Harbour
Photographer: Adam Fedderly
Published: November 2012

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Seldoon Eeffoc
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I'm not sure why things is underlined, but, the overall words seem well suited for the ad. The extra emphasis on things bugs me though.

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