Denver Water: Why trash

Why trash an old billboard when you can reuse it? Waste is out.
Use only what you need.

Advertising Agency: Sukle, USA
Creative Director: Mike Sukle
Writer: Zac Spector
Art Director: Andy Dutlinger, KC Koch
Production / Retouching: Matt Carptenter

July 2010


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1929 pencils

Clean urbanspace?


nepstein's picture
197 pencils

Yeah, the element of water isn't even apparent unless you read the name (which in its current state is probably not very legible at 60 mph).

Guest's picture

Look smore photoshopped than a real campaign... and seriously... doesn't this just mean the next company to use the space need to remove '2' old billboards? So what's it good for? But... please, can it be my campaign under theirs? That way I get even more time on display!!!!

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