Denver Water: Beard

Advertising Agency: Sukle, USA
Creative Director: Mike Sukle
Copywriter: Jim Glynn
Art Directors: Andy Dutlinger, Mike Sukle
Retouching: Matt Carpenter
Photos: Richard Feldman
Production: Heather Popenhagen, Tim Sukle

July 2011


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Em Think I know what your trying to say but visually to me
more hair = more growth = more water

Do you think any of these ideas were tested before they became a campaign? Because I'm struggling with all three but not in a good way

Edit - Let me take that back, found the physical objects ones here & here they make sense, it's the billboards that don't

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There is absolutely nothing confusing or hard to get about these images. They are saying you don't need that much hair (metaphor for garden) to look pretty. Go for the minimalist look, which requires less water. It's all meant to be facetious. Now whether you find it funny is another thing.

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The above comment is right.
You could go down the 'right tool for the job' route.
For example a nail in between a regular hammer and an over-sized hammer.

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