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The latest project from Proximity Chicago is causing quite a stir, locally and nationally. Winters in Chicago bring traditions beyond those of a feel-good holiday nature; traditions such as “dibs”, the practice of saving a parking spot after it’s been shoveled out of the snow by placing chairs or other sundry items in the street. Proximity launched Chair Free Chicago to allow like-minded Chicagoans to take a stand against the illegal practice many find frustrating. The community effort is supported by, a website that includes downloadable, printable signage, a contact form for discouraged Chicagoans to voice their opinion to their alderman, and a photo gallery of the Chair Free outreach in action. Fliers were created, which reflect the various levels of frustration Chicagoans feel about the issue. The fliers are meant to be printed out and placed on the chairs or other objects that have been left in the street to save parking spots.

Advertising Agency: Proximity, Chicago, USA
Creative Director: Kevin Lynch
Designer: Mike McQuade
Developer: Brett Burwell
Writer: Kevin Lynch, Nate Gagnon
Print Production: Heather Beck
Project Manager: Claudia Richman

December 2010


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2381 pencils

haha love this one. i think i may make copies of this.

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briliant deterrent!

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Chelsey Homan
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encouraging stealing in response to spot hogging. you don't get more neighborly than that! love!

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hehehehe.... nice one ..... LOL!!!

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