St. Louis Children's Hospital: Pursue Knowing Campaign

Until a child is sick, a parent pays little attention to which hospital they should rely upon. St. Louis Children's Hospital is a world leader in children's medicine. They asked McKee Wallwork Cleveland to develop a way to more fully communicate why sick children from all over the world are brought to them to be healed. The answer can be summed up in one word: Knowing. This short video explains how a fully integrated campaign communicates in a very unconventional way that medical expertise and a special understanding of children is what makes St. Louis Children's Hospital the best choice when a child becomes sick.

Advertising Agency: McKee Wallwork Cleveland, Albuquerque, NM, USA
Creative Director: Bart Cleveland
Associate Creative Director: Daniel Andreani
Design Director: Michael Powers
Copywriters: Bart Cleveland, Carly Shearer
Art Directors: Daniel Andreani, Michael Powers, Ashlee Powers, Christopher Love
Digital Project Director: Elizabeth Reed
Agency Producer: Tom Garcia
Integration Director: Emily Griebel
Film Production: Hornet Animation
Directed by: Mixtape Club, Yves Geleyn
Executive Producer: Michael Feder
Producers: Zack Kortright, Jan Wohrle
3D Artists: Ylli Orana, Erwin Riau
Rotoscope Artist: Tiffany Chung
Designer: Ben Plouffe
Compositors: Julien Koetsch, Gabe Pulecio
Animators: Connie Li Chan, Aaron Stewart
Fabricators: Nathan Asquith, Erika Bettencourt, Connie Li Chan
Editor: Anita Chao
Music by: Huma-Huma
Online Production: Joystick
Creative Director: Josh Holmes
Technical Director: Phil Euler
Client Services: Sara Francis
Production Director: Richard Stewart
Developers: Dan Hill, Jairus Aragon, Alvin Aleria, Fernan De Dios


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dean viii
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I've got a fever. And the only prescription is more concept. Actually any concept.

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Great. Love the visuals.

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Nicely packaged case, but not a lot of 'wow'.

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This is one of this agency's few paying clients. And the reason why they have to do scam ads for non-paying clients.

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Ah, the in-house guru speaks. BEHOLD!

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He mad? Oh, he mad.

Poor guy.

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