Project Cuddle: Reach out

Help us give them a chance / Every year thousands of babies are left on streets, abandoned in alleys and trashcans

The “Reach Out” campaign was created to make women aware of the horrors of this inhumane act. Abandonment is a reality and Project Cuddle gives newborns a chance to live. This guerrilla campaign takes place in public baby changing stations. When a mother has to use the station, she will lay her child down on the newspaper in an alley scene so she can feel the disgust and horror these children feel first hand.

Advertising School: Miami Ad School, USA
Art Director: Diego Rionda
Published: November 2009


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The idea is not new, kinda similar to a few guerrilla on food trays to ask for donation. but it always works. people won't get tired of it.


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I'm not sure if it works. It is somehow overdone for me. Especially with this rat (which is - by the way - poorly retouched). I'm not saying that it does not have an impact, but sometimes You really don't have to hit people with pate to call their attention. More gentle way could be better in some situations. I just can't picture young mother changing her baby on this ad and thinking of poor children, instead of wondering if it is really clean surface. “That is the point” – someone could say. But those mothers are not the ones who left their babies on the street.

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i agree


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i wouldn't want my baby on it. i will secretly curse the advertiser / organization as i'm methaphorically tending my baby with newspaper beside a dead rat.

but, in terms of effectiveness, it works. i hate it, but i will remember it for the rest of my life. (probably...)

you shouldn't nit pick the photoshop skill.. it's done by a student.. just for the record...


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liked it


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I think its nice, and mi thoughts on this is "that it does not mater if you like the ad or not as long as it stops you" and by all means it did you are writing about it, nice execution plus its student work
cheers & keep up the good work don't let the comments bring you down
D Stasher

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logo looks like a dick;)

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Good for a student work.

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cool idea. good job piranha!

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Very good guys!!!

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Thank you all for your comments , It will help me to be better in the future

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Good student work but in the real world major retail clients would not allow their customers to be freaked out with this kind of thing in their restrooms. They have a hard enough time as it is preventing restrooms from looking like that for real on a daily if not hourly basis.

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