Milky Way: Conveyor belt

Advertising Agency: BBDO, USA
Via: Adgoodness


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the Pun-isher
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Wasn't this ad posted before?

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i've seen this recently as well. and i know i sound like the comic book store guy for saying this, but it's in comm arts #357 "ad annual 48" pg 85. yes, i got up and grabbed the issue from it's home in the bathroom.

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клёёёво*!! :)))

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to bad you can only make it work once before you you have to rewind it.

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Been used but i still likey

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A nice tip. Don't get your art director to do the photoshop on scammy scam shit.

If you're investing in awards, invest in a retoucher.

Or, invest in ideas.

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missed my turn
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Simple and fun. I like it.

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Neil Levy
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maybe your computer can blow the image up better than mine because i'm having a hard time seeing how this is "bad" photoshop. i'm a writer though and don't have very good eyesight so maybe you can elaborate.

that said, i like the idea. it's simple and smart as point of sale advertising.

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Guest commenter

If you'd enjoy seeing THE conveyor belt advertising modality, proven effective and durable, check out my company's site, please, Thx.

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Unfortunately in real life, it would be hard to see the fully stretched caramel with groceries on top of the belt.
Great idea, nonetheless.

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