Knorr: Knorr Guerilla Gardening

Over night hundreds of fresh herbs turn Vienna into a greener city.

To underline the fact that Knorr is now using even more natural and fresh ingredients for its product inspired us to make a gift to Vienna: Fresh sweet herbs to meloriate home cooking with green add-ons and Knorr.

Advertising Agency: Division 4, Vienna, Austria
Creative Director: Alexander Zoubek
Art Director: Alexander Ullrich
Copywriter: Sylvia Panzenboeck
Video: Stefan Wurmitzer
Promotion unit: Niki Mostofi, Katja Novy
Published: September 2010

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Tagline's "Good taste is our nature".

This is an inoffensive action, hardly groundbreaking, no matter how many smiling passersby you show. Was there any followup, any microsite, any *action* in the action apart from slapping the client's logo on a few cheap pots?

It just seems a little...pedestrian.

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...nice student work.

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good job

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Hey its a Simple idea, but I have Not Seen that before in my town. Like it.

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Love it

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