Denver Water: Bus

Advertising Agency: Sukle Advertising & Design, Denver, USA
Creative Director: Mike Sukle
Art Directors: Andy Dutlinger, Jeff Euteneuer
Copywriter: Jim Glynn

July 2008


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Would have helped if the pieces fitted.

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David Hasselblad
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Someone please explain the logic behind these ads.

Need a keyhole - use a key??? Need Ying use Yang????

I honestly can't figure out what the logic is here.

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can anyone tell me the logic looks like whole water is water wasted again...........

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That's a pretty unbalanced yin/yang symbol.

All ideas subject to change without notice.™

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Gator Ad Man
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The tag-line of the campaign is "Use only what you need" find a balance e.g. ying yang. Use only the size key you need to unlock the door. use only the puzzle piece you need to fill the gap....its not that hard to wrap your mind around, folks.

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Eh, even so, I think the other executions are better. This one is a little complicated.

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