Giant 3D ants projection

June 2010
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Large-scale, animated 3D mapping projection. Building’s exact surface is regenerated in computer, and all animation is digitally mapped onto that surface, for ultra-lifelike effect. Giant (10-foot) 3D projected ants emerge one by one on the sidewalk in front of the VA’s De George at Union Stn. building (facing Minute Maid Park) and swarm up and into the building, until it is engulfed. A Black Flag can emits spray. Ants fall to sidewalk, dead. Event follows Houston Astros night game, running before and during stadium fireworks.

Copywriter: T.J. Prochaska

Projection: Bluewater Technologies, Southfield, Mich.

Advertising Agency: Marcus Thomas, Cleveland, USA
Executive Creative Director: Joanne Kim
Creative Director: Jim Sollisch
Art Director: James Gough
Producer: Nikki Di Franco
Animation: Digital Illusions, Cleveland
Creative Direactor: Ann DeVilbiss
Production Assistant: Sean Moskey

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ho! arresting imagery - will get ppl talking for ages