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Wayne Deakin
Creative Director
Creative Director Jam / Engine Group
United Kingdom

Big idea swashbuckler with idiotic big hair.

Over 18 years working in creative agencies with leading brands like Nike, Nestlé, Guinness, Jack Daniel's, Tesco, Coke, Sky, Samsung, Stella, Volvo, Microsoft, Optus, Muller, Sydney Olympics, Onken, BBC, Ducati, The Army, Renault, Spy, Hurley, Smart, Mercedes to name a few.

A big collection of silver wear and doorstops from most international, national and local awards.

I've been called a Creative, Geschäftsführer Kreation, Creative Director, 'Sideshow Bob'... but started out as a writer with the usual big network agencies and then into a mash up of experiences with a number of leading creative shops and named agencies - in Australia, South East Asia, US, Europe and the UK.