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Mohamed Ghazy
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I'm Ghazy, supposedly a super creative copywriter specializing in digital media for 2 and a half years.

I am still in the early process of learning how to use Photoshop, however I have a wide array of talents that not a lot of people posses:

1) I am a singer-songwriter, guitarist and composer.
2) I have a British passport and that is of no relevance but to impress girls.
3) I act.
4) I dub and can speak in funny accents without sounding racist.
5) I have an extremely good English.
6) I speak and write perfect Arabic.
7) I know everything about western pop culture.
8) I have exquisite taste in music.
9) I can name any flag in the world.
10) I know more about football than Sir Alex and Pele combined.
11) I think I'm a comedian.
12) I can prepare presentations like no other.
13) I write.
14) I am a genius at stirring up havoc on Facebook and Twitter.
15) I created viral videos on YouTube that have over 1.7m views.
16) I was voted the best thing Egypt has produced since the Pyramids.

Number 5 was a joke by the way.