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Richard (Dave) Smith
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There's not a lot to say, I'm just your average guy looking to make it in an ever-changing world. I graduated from Murray State University and am still waiting for my window of opportunity. I recently completed an internship with Creative Alliance, the largest agency in Kentucky, and am now working on the next step towards becoming a jr. copywriter. I’m a hard worker who believes that if you’re going to do something, whether it’s creating a work of art or digging a hole, you need to put your all into it. You need to take a piece of yourself and put it into that work and make it 100% yours. I’m captivated by the creative world of advertising and have been for almost as long as I can remember. I watch commercials the way most do the programs sponsored by them. I sincerely believe that if you can’t look at something, no matter how mundane, and find creativity in it, you’re simply not looking hard enough. I put my imagination, my creativity, my heart, and my soul into every ad I create, for better or worse, and I stand firmly behind them.