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Leo Paul James

“Leo Paul James!!!!”
Leo (with the most evil grin, as always), “whom did you expect, the Hooded Claw?!”

Ok. SILENCE!!!! Yeah, so……

Was the Lassi drinking champion at Harvard University! I’m proud of being lazy. It kind of accentuates my freedom…………………..I love doing nothing. I love dreaming a dream. Love having Vitamin C even at 2:59 am. I love counting the number of coaches of every passing train (not the Mumbai local train though). And I love imitating Shin Chan…uhhh…wait, he imitates me.

Sometimes I’m tooo sweet. Really! I may be rude, but I can win your heart (if you do have one! Do you?)!

Sometimes, no, every time, “40, 000” Me says
“Leo, you’re just crazzzy!” that’s what she says!

Sometimes I’m just a Wannabe…..“I’m an actor. We all are actors. Only difference, we aren’t paid for it!” And then always, I wonder this world to be a better place, with absolutely no hatred among people. And that’s when I always question the existence of God.

But then Me says “screw it! My only pursuit is happiness.
And nothing else matters! Nothing!!”

“When, NOT IF, when I’m born again, I’ll play cricket for South Africa”, “but I do respect the Indian National Anthem. In any cinema, I’m the first one to stand up for it and I remain standing throughout the entire movie. Unless, of course, if it’s my own movie……………..Hey there, you can start booking your tickets for my movies. Look, I’m not forcing you people to sit at home, but don’t you love great cinema?”

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