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Chris Ryan
United Kingdom

I run a company that provides 360 degree Feedback and tools to help measure and support the learning and behavioural development of individuals, teams and organisations.

Our customers come to us because we have travelled in their shoes and we take the time to make the system fit their needs, culture and processes precisely. We do this without the significant implementation costs usually associated with bespoke software and services.
At the last count we were running our services in eight languages in 42 countries throughout the world including Chinese. We also act as the back office service to about 100 consultancies in the Learning and Development market.

I love the mix of technology, business, people and travel, and I am constantly learning from it. Our clients are mostly “people” people who really understand the benefits of 360 Feedback which makes it a delight to work with them.

You can find us at

As a human being I am not particularly “corporate” or reverent in my approach to people, life or business, although I have been trusted to run some really great companies. I do understand corporate life. At the age of 35 I was one of the youngest Managing Directors within a FTSE 100 conglomerate.

I have also put my own money into seed businesses and sat as a Non-Exec director. I love people who dare not just to dream, but to live their dreams and take delight in supporting them if I can.