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As a joint venture between Newsun Advertising and JWT, Newsun/JWT is the biggest advertising agency in south China.

Newsun Advertising was founded in 1994 and merged with Insight Branding in 2000, and became a joint venture with JWT in 2004. As one of the 5 founders of Guangzhou AAAA, Newsun has a professional staff of over 170. In 2002, Newsun was rated by “IAI China’s Advertising Works Yearbook” as the No. 4 advertising agency in China, and No. 1 among local agencies. In 2004 and 2006, Newsun/JWT was recognized by media as the most creative agency in South China, with the biggest number of awards.
Founded in 1864, JWT is the first full-service advertising agency in the world, and has forged the first international network. It is currently the world’s 4th largest advertising agency, with close to 10,000 employees. In the Asia-Pacific region, JWT has 62 offices in 27 cities of 17 countries. In 2002, JWT was rated as the Best Advertising Agency in the Asia-Pacific Region.