City of Hope Women's Shelter: Time

Women who go through domestic abuse in the UAE are hesitant to speak or complain. City of Hope is the only organisation of its kind in Dubai that provides shelter to hundreds of women and hope to all the battered and bruised housewives. They wanted us to tackle this issue in a very sensitive yet effective manner so as to raise awareness and encourage women to speak up.

We had to reach our target audience in an interesting and arresting manner. We distributed a different kind of beauty kit to women shopping in malls, especially when they are at cosmetics/beauty products stores or shops that cater exclusively to them.

Advertising Agency: JWT Dubai, UAE
Creative Director: Chafic Haddad
Copywriters: DV Hari Krishna, Doug Mackay, Rami Abu Ghazeleh
Art Directors: Kedar Damle, Arnoldfelix Fabella, Tarek Samaan
Other additional credits: Rawida Saade


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Muy bueno!!!!

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I like it, really well done for a non-profit.
I think it will speak to the target audience.

The only thing that bugs me is the blank black box it comes in...
I think they could take the idea further and designed the box as well.
But as it usually goes with non-profits the money is tight,
so maybe the package design just was not in the budget.

Still, really nice.

Annya A. Uslontseva
Graphic Designer

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Bueno, diferente y totalmente acorde al target.

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Fantastic concept.


never stop exploring.


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An amzing way to aware people of the reality...tat is often overlooked...

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I'm soory guys but it was done before, by me. And after me, it was done by Leo Burnett Canada. Same idea but different type of make up we used in our executions.

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it's effective. good work.

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great medium.

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Excellent! This is really good to the point.

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missed my turn
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This is really cool. Good job.

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nice idea.


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i'm positive this has been done. anyone have a link?

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Gabs schon.

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touching concept and touchingly is ok coz it's contents are dawning out of the darkness...coming to light sort of message..'awake' sort of message (but as far as critique is concerned, what about those who can't afford make-up!!?.....or...are these true colours of wounds...bla..bla).

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if only copycats would stop copying and start thinking, the industry will skyrocket to a higher level.

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