ALS Society of Canada: Head and Shoulders

Advertising Agency: Lowe Roche, Toronto
VP/Creative Director: Christina Yu
Chief Creative Officer: Geoffrey Roche
Copywriter: Rob Sturch
Art Director: Ryan McNeil
Agency Producer: Brie Gowans
Business Director: Amanda Gaspard
Production Company: Untitled Films, Toronto
Director: John Mastromonaco
Executive Producer: James Davis
Producer: Tom Evelyn
Director of Photography: John Houtman
Post Production: Rooster, Toronto
Editor: Richard Unruh
Executive Producer: Melissa Kahn
On-line Editor: Ernie Mordak, Rooster
Colorist: Gary Chuntz, Notch, Toronto
Sound Design: Chris Tait, Pirate, Toronto


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Absolutely love the direction.
Gave the song a totally new meaning.

Anyone out here other than me feels an eerie sense about the song now? Haha :)

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Absolutely agree!!! 100%

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Guest commenter

Fantastically done.

Piogent, yet sensitive. Drives a visceral response that chills you to the core. Soundtrack is worth 90%.

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It has a really hardcore approach but I love the subtle way the message is introduced.

Great job, wish it was mine.

"We are all ignorants, but we don't all ignore the same things..."

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Roger Daly
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Guest commenter


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Roger Daly
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Get catheterised, sunshine.

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Guest commenter

.and that jingle is irritating to the CORE!

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Guest commenter

A M A A A A Z I I I I N G!!!!!!!!

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Guest commenter

I'm crying.

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phantastic work.

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jay harun

ok, this really broke me into tears.........

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Guest commenter

incredible acting...

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I know someone who suffers from ALS. This is powerful.

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Guest commenter

I have ALS and this shows almost exactly how much my body deteriorated in 4 short years. Please help other people become aware of this disease.

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B Murray

Very powerful ad. Heart-breaking stuff.

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this is, the best thing i've seen on AotW in a year. impecable direction, incredible choice of words and sound, powerful, it makes me want to donate now. it works on all the levels. I LOVE IT. great job. in the terms of LEO BURNETT it's an ACT not an AD.

"U think it's perfect?! Press delete and start again!"

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Oh my god! This is so so touching! Incredible direction! Congratulations!

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This video is my life... my reality. I have ALS and I have a 4-year-old little boy. This video is the most accurate depiction of a family's life when ALS becomes a part of it, that I have ever seen. The creators have captured the absolute reality of this horrendous disease. This IS exactly how it is. This PSA is not one that should lie low and fade away. We need to get it in many countries, and on major networks. This will do so much to make people aware of what ALS is... what it does.

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Guest commenter

Up until the middle of the ad I thought this was an advert for Head & Shoulders Shampoo :P

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I`ve always seen charity ads. I love awards and stuff...but this was the first time it moved me so much, that I stood up, got my wallet and actually donated something!!
congratulations to the creative team, the director and the agency!! you all rock!!

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This is amazing and wonderful and touching. ALS and Huntingdon's Disease are two horrors which must be cured-the sooner the better...


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Te pega duro como un rayo!!! Es brillante

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Incredibly powerful!

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Incredibly powerful!

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wow! very powerful.

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I just stumbled on this site and started watching ads, and this one just STRUCK me. It moved me to tears. Very well done... and soooo heart wrenching.

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very impressive

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