Zurich Chamber Orchestra: Rollercoaster

Visualization of the 1st violin of the 2nd symphony, 4th movement by Ferdinand Ries in the shape of a rollercoaster. The camera starts by showing a close-up of the score, then focuses on the notes of the first violin turning the staves into the winding rail tracks of the rollercoaster. The notes and bars were exactly synchronised with the progression in the animation so that the typical movements of a rollercoaster ride match the dramatic composition of the music.

Advertising Agency: Euro RSCG, Zurich, Switzerland
Creative Directors: Axel Eckstein, Frank Bodin
Postproduction: Virtual Republic Animation and Visual Effects
Producer: Gerhard Vetter
Animation Director: President M. Klein
3D Technical Director: Martin Chatterjee
3D Modeling: Martin Sobott
3D Animation: Steffen Dünner, Marco Kowalik, Christian Marschalt
Shading: Steffen Dünner
Compositing: Steffen Dünner
Music: Zürcher Kammerorchester
Sound Studio: Audioversum, Düsseldorf
Aired: January 2008


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Muy buena ejecución y muy buena la idea de invitación por detrás, despertando el interés por la música clásica. Muy bien chicos. Felicitaciones!!!

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Ron Burgundy
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Very nice.

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like it a lot. emotion through design.

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don't you feel that 1 minute is lengthy for this concept?

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The length of the concept is a result of the original score combined with typical features of a rollercoaster ride. It 's not only about a short ride over a random trail of sheet music and that's it. The agency and ZKO delivered a composition by Ferdinand Ries which was basically perfect for a rollercoaster concept. The final result is a parallel experience of listening to music, experiencing a typical fun fair rollercoaster ride perfectly built and animated to the composition's tempo and dramaturgy and if you capable to read sheet music it's 100% synchronized to the first violine. All this will perfectly transport the final claim "GREAT EMOTIONS" [german: "GROSSE GEFÜHLE"]. Overall the ride feels much shorter than one minute.

viva la animación!

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Reality Check
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This is one fabulous ride.

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I agree with jagadeesh. It's way too long. I was bored halfway through. Interesting idea, nevertheless.

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No Way! I loved it the whole way! perfect.

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Wooow! That's it! Exciting!

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Carlos Aledo
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