Zaman Newspaper: Prejudices

Our prejudices... Our invisible walls. Isn't it time to demolish them? Zaman Newspaper

Advertising Agency: Ogilvy&Mather Istanbul, Turkey
Creative Director: Tibet Sanliman
Creative Group Head: Burak Koprulu
Art Director: Hami Kural, Evren Dinler
Copywriter: Gurkan Gunaydin
Strategic Planning: Serra Ceylan Yucel, Ozgur Metin
Production: Kala Film
Director: Fatih Kızılgök
Director of Photography: Olivier Cariou
Account team: Rosita Habib, Murat Derman
Brand Manager: Bülent Keleş
Aired: October 2009


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clear message...well done OM!

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Very long message :)

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Son zamanlarda Türkiye'de izlediğim kesinlikle en iyi reklam. Hedef kitlenin, Zaman gazetesine bakış açısını kendi pencerelerinden görmelerini ve özeleştiri yapmalarını sağlıyor. Ekibini kutluyorum.

Very good, I congratulate!

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ben mesajı markadan bağımsız değerlendiriyorum ve çok güzel buluyorum. ancak tricky bir durum var; mesajı veren, benzer bir önyargı sahibi olmasa, böyle bir mesajı verme ihtiyacını da göremezdi. ahh diyalektik!

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Jaap Grolleman
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i think they shouldn't have made it this long, 1 minute max

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the music rocks.

is that cliff martinez?

Quite really.

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Somewhat surreal, but I imagine that this message and its length will work fine in the cinema...

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I saw the full version at the movie. But various cuts also published as TV commercial.

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Marlus Lau
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I like the production, but it´s long indeed.

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LOVE the soundtrack. Rarefied atmosphere.

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That's the director's cut! The cinema version is 60 seconds; and the TVC is 45 seconds.

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Beautifull, emotive and effective.

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message was very, very clear! loved the overall feel of the ad as well.:)

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Nice work

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The message is crystal clear! Perfect!!!


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Crystal clear message, bravo!


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nice, a few less shots though.

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opposite of u
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great music...clear message....lovely

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zaman newspaper is a fundamentalist islamic newspaper. and this commercial does not fit the whole subject. they want to change turkey what they want. and this spot is totally wrong and said lies to people. zaman newspaper is not a modern newspaper, as they said, sorry.

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The latest comment of the Guest l Fri, 2009-10-30 17:44 drove me to think that this is an off-brief work; actually, an off-brief work will never see the light; furthermore, I think any agency present an off-brief work, will remove it from its archive even; therefore, I made a small search, just to understand what Zaman Newspaper is, since I'm not Turkish neither I have much info about their internal POVs; on Wikipedia, they mention “Zaman is known to be related with the Fethullah Gülen movement* but the movement is not the owner. It is a conservative newspaper which has a moderate Islamic worldview. Zaman, which declares itself as in support of democracy and secularism, is regarded as Islamic, or Islamist, by some sources”
*More & more, Gülen and his movement have won praise from many non-Muslim quarters, with their belief in science, interfaith dialogue and multi-party democracy. They are viewed as modernist and all-embracing Muslims, who can counterbalance extremism in the Muslim world. For instance, Sabrina Tavernise of New York Times has stated that they come from a moderate blend of Islam that is very inclusive.

According to the above, it is clear that there is a slight confusion on the Brand Identity, and where the TVC came to say what the Newspaper want to say; hence, the work is not off-brief, and I'm pretty sure that the agency cracked the brief and came up with the best concept for this campaign.

Again, I'm an outsider here, and I really appreciate if we can get more insights from the Turkish audience/bloggers.

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strange dynamic:

It sometimes feel the most liberter keeping the "nationality" lower base... (just because keeping the religion over all)
an again with the same reason it always feel the biggest thread for the "state" (but for the secular one... It's not that they don't want their own.)

But such sick minded I am, any insider insights are very wellcome.

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Önyargılarımızı camdan yapmaca, vay be yaratıcılığa bak !!!

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izlediğm en anlamlı reklamlardan biri. zaman ın önceki reklamları da çok güzeldi.

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The music is by Oguz Kaplangi from Elec-Trip Music Production (www.elec-trip.com)

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really good one but "zaman" needs more than this to have a chance.

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Super ! My Gratulation go to film director !
Gabor Atlasz alias Zaman

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