Yahoo! Mail: Lover Come Back

Advertising Agency: Goodby, Silverstein & Partners, USA
Co-Chairman, Creative Director: Jeff Goodby
Executive Creative Director : Margaret Johnson
Creative Director: Jim Elliott
Copywriter: Jody Horn
Art Director: Jack Woodworth
Producer: Chris Allen
Account Manager: Susan Ogren
Operations Director: Lisa Horvath
Assistant Account Manager: Cassi Hussain
Account Director: James Townsend
Production Company: Blacklist
Director: Zoe Wishart
Executive Producer: Andrew Linsk
Live Action Director: Laurent Barthelemy
Producer: Rachel Walchak
Live Action Producer: Maureen Tunney
Director of Photography: Will Rexer
Art Director: Irfan Akdag
Editor: Cass Vanini
Color Correction: Nick Tanner
Flame Artist: David Parker
Coordinating Producer: Alexander Unick
Associate Producer: Patrick Gantert
Animation Studio: SDF-1 Studios
Producer: Tina Starkweather
Character Designer: Morgan Schweitzer
Illustration: Elad Tibi, Rustam Hasasnov
Compositing: Evan Parsons, Luke Yoo
Cell Animation: Eddie Moreno, Joshua Dotson, Shervin Etat, Victor Malcervelli, Jahmad Rollins, Jamal Otolorin, Song Kim, Leah Ordonia
Previs: Luke Yoo, Luis Gonzalez


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Nice creative, Jeff.
Give your videos legs with new marketing muscle added to Yahoo Mail and Messaging.
Mobile social media must cater to the user's active lifestyle, limited attention span, demand for privacy, and desire to control the experience.
For Yahoo and other mobile marketing engines, the new normal for mobile social in 2011 will be the re-emergence of mobile messaging, this time with rich content.
Goodby Silverstein & Partners will engage targeted audiences with customized messaging delivered directly to their mobile phones, with follow-ups in group and 1:1 chats. No check-ins, no triple click-throughs, no distractions.
Only with new mobile marketing engines like Social Messaging(TM). Only from PoKos!

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This is better than the previous one!

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Yahoo should just give up.


"I love some things, and don't love some other things."

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The creative is good, the product sucks.


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