Yahoo! Mail: Big Dig

Advertising Agency: Goodby, Silverstein & Partners, USA
Executive Creative Director / Partner: Jeff Goodby
Executive Creative Director: Margaret Johnson
Creative Director: Jim Elliott
Copywriter: Jody Horn
Art Director: Jack Woodworth
Producer: Chris Allen
Account Manager: Susan Ogren
Operations Director: Lisa Horvath
Assistant Account Manager: Cassi Hussain
Production Company: Blacklist
Animation Studio: Wizz
Director: Deubal
Executive Producer: Andrew Linsk
Live Action Director: Laurent Barthelemy
Producer: Rachel Walchak
Live Action Producer: Maureen Tunney
Director of Photography: Will Rexer
Art Director: Irfan Akdag
Editor: Cass Vanini
Color Correction: Nick Tanner
Flame Artist: Mark French
Coordinating Producer: Alexander Unick
Associate Producer: Patrick Gantert
Animation Studio: Wizz
Executive Producer: Francois Brun
Executive Producer: Amanda Stubbs
Director: Deubal
Director of Photography: Christopher Deroo
Art Director: Geraldine Stivet
Set Decorator: Bertrand Leclerc
Gaffer: Amida Belgharbi
Animator: Eric Parizeau
Animator: Cedric Mercier
Post-Production Supervisor: Nathalie Delvigne
After Effects: Olivier Stephant, Benoit Revilliod
3D Supervisor: Thomas Eid
3D Modeling: Sebastien Haure
3D Artist: Lucie Casale, Laura Philippe, Sebastien Druilhe, Emmanuel Chapon
Matte Painting: Remi Wyart
Line Producer: Karine Takooree
Unit Manager: Foued Selami
Set PA: Joanna Vainqueur
Office PA: Mariam Tahhar
Original Music: Stimmung
Composer: David Winer


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Cute animations, but the idea is a bit "meh".


"I love some things, and don't love some other things."

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Ron Burgundy
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cute, is this really the only product yahoo is selling these days?...animation is cool too.

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Reality Check
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What does it say about a commercial when the highest praise must go to the impressive animation?

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Ron Burgundy
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in this case, the agency did the client justice, just I feel its hard to get stoked on email

as for the praise, your right, but any case I always try to remark using a "compliment sandwich"

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Cool animation. Do you think this will 'stick it to' hot mail in any worthwhile manner at all?

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great imagination. nice animation but there is a lack of copy...


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