XM Radio: XMerator

Advertising Agency: Lowe, New York
Chief Creative Officer: Mark Wnek
Creative Group Heads: DJ Pierce, Eddie Van Bloem
Copywriter: Stephanie Price
Art Director: Maggi Machado
Producer: Daniel Paquin

Production Company: Blacklist, New York
Director: Nanospore
Design/Direction: Ben Lee and Paul Hwang
Executive Producer: Adina Sales
Producers: Owen Katz, Tamara Bridges Rothschild
Animation: Matthew Encina, Bjorky, Sean Starkweather, Chad Howitt, Ben Lee, Paul Hwang
Flame Artist: Asuka Otake

Music: DJ Mehdi, featuring Chromeo – “I am Somebody”

Mix and Sound Design
Mix and Sound Design: Peter Holcomb, Paul Weiss, Sound Lounge, New York


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166 pencils

that's cool. :-D

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1093 pencils

Nice illustrations, simple idea.

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Jonny Lonestar
284 pencils

love this campaign, they did a spot that was simpler than this one. I personally felt it was more effective... but this one's nice too.

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7611 pencils

i also liked it A L O T....

| Everartz |

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super calibara
176 pencils

Love the way it ignites. Cool.

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205 pencils

I like the ilustrations, the way it works, but at first i thought the "radio" was a Digital camera!
Was that the idea????
A bit strange...


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543 pencils

will i be cool if i listen to this radio ?

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shah alam alo
5 pencils

i love this.

shah alam alo

senior visualizer
GREY Dhaka Advertising

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fanta had done similar around 2006 ....

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