Music: Xavier Berthelot

Advertising Agency: JWT Paris, France
Creative Directors: Xavier Beauregard
Art Director: Xavier Beauregard
Copywriter: Hadi Hassan
Assistant Art Director: Yan-Gaël Cobigo
TV Producer: Elisabeth Boitte
Producer: Akama
Pruduction company: Wanda

January 2008


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Fabian Kirner
270 pencils

but still: french suckers. you guys are unable to place an "english"-button on that site. typical!

but still nice!

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Now that's what I'm talking about! That is fantastic. The animation, the story, the little idiosyncrasies in the characters, all of it. Excellent.

For my money, that's as good as the Coke Happiness Factory.

scarfinati's picture
843 pencils

crazy. really good.

Fridgerator's picture
458 pencils

This is probably one of the longer ads that have kept me watching the whole time, and watch it again after I finished the first time. Amazing.

The concept is only as good as the execution.

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4 pencils

Fantastic animation! Will grab kitkat to experience such amazement..lol

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| Everartz |

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357 pencils

This is absolutely amazing. Almost got religious there. Definately having a Kitkat after this.

Pauflies's picture
205 pencils

Great work! Funny, and a good 3d! I like it
But i'm a bit tired with the "continue the story on our web" ads... I really don't use to do that...


Brainsugar's picture
1624 pencils

Where the story is interesting? The ultime break is to die?! Are you mad? Is there and end on internet?
Just imagine this, not in animation but just filmed. It's f*****g boring.

But I'm open to any explaination.

rajar's picture
91 pencils

Eat dust Pixar! :)

Brainsugar's picture
1624 pencils

You say that because they use "renderman", the software that Pixar sold all over the world, and because they copied the style and even the characters ( re-look ratatouille), Pixar is dead?!
Let me laugh 2 or 3 weeks, and I come back.

but_why's picture
280 pencils

This is absolute rubbish. Loads of cliches and not enough real ingenious creative reward. Animation has so much more potetial. Comparing it to Pixar (alright maybe Ratatouille was a bit off) is completely superficial.

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498 pencils

I was reminded of PIXAR also, the scene from the Incredibles when Mr. Incredible is at work in a grey cubicle farm office.

Great animation.. but I feel like Kit Kat was forced into it. It's almost like Kit Kat found this great short film, bought the rights to it and then just inserted the product placement scene.

Not saying that's what actually happened. Just how I perceived it, yo.

razor's picture
2 pencils

I agree... the spot is awesome!

But is anyone picking up on the fact that if you go to the website, (if you're from France) you can enter for a chance to win a trip to space!!!! For real. Has any other brand/company done this already (offer a trip to space for everyday consumers as a prize)?

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354 pencils

So wait...he dies? I don't get the "break" here.

You have to hate advertising in order to truly love it.

halfstring's picture
288 pencils

Insanely great.

DonaldDraperMadAdMan's picture
4 pencils

I'd love to know how much this lovely little pastille cost to produce.

I liked it. A lot more than their candy.

But, obviously, they don't need MY business. I can't even imagine how many KitKats went into paying for this little gem.

And, as nice as it would be to have access to that kind of do-re-mi, the moolah doesn't much if the message misfires.

Alas, honesty compels me to say: It doesn't suck.

So, in summary: Great work, mon amies.

You've given me yet one more reason to wish to God that I lived in Paris.

But, hey ~ don't cry for me, Ike & Tina.

Detroit is absolutely balmy this time of year.

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A to the G
61 pencils

The production is great, and it feels more like a movie than an ad...I have to say it's not really telling me anything.

From what is set up in the beginning to what the end result is I see no connection... there should be a reason all those characters are set up. Otherwise why should we care... this is more a screenwriting comment than an ad issue.

Basically what I got out of it was... KitKat is the next best thing to meeting God.

I don't get it.

Again great production ... maybe focus on making it a movie cause it doesn't work as an ad... for me anyway.

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very good

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