WATERisLIFE: Kenya Bucket List

Advertising Agency: DDB, New York, USA
Chief Creative Officer: Matt Eastwood
Executive Creative Director: Menno Kluin
Group Creative Director: Andrew McKechnie
Creative Director: Julia Neumann
Art Director: Sam Shepherd, Donna Kwon
Copywriter: Frank Cartagena, Kevin Meagher
Head of Design: Juan Carlos Pagan
Designer: Brian Gartside
Head of Production: Ed Zazzera
Director / Editor: Alec Helm
Producer: Nina Horowitz
Business Manager: Lynda Blaney-Smith
Color correct: Nice Shoes
Music: Singing Serpent

August 2013


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Wow, just wow. Very convincing. Where do I donate?

.. / .-.. --- ...- . / .- -.. ...- . .-. - .. ... .. -. --.

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Nice. I like it!

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Jase Corbs
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Manly tears were shed.

JuanCabral's picture
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Wow. Thanks DDB. It's things like this that make me happy to be in advertising.

certaintly's picture
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a 4 yr old's bucket list is a really smart idea.
i wouldve liked it better if it they focused only on the simple stuff, showing that it's even just the simple stuff that he doesnt get to appreciate/experience

mr.x's picture
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Agree. Although some of the things were simple. Like seeing the ocean. But yeah I'd like it even more if the list were, for example: seeing the ocean, learn to swim, ride a bike, see a movie at the theatres, make snow angels. That would show how unfortunate people appreciate little things in life.

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One more, just one more & tears will flow freely... This is amazing stuff!

Make the logo Bigger and the black, Darker!

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James Halloran
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Now, that is a heart-touching ad! Full of power and a strong message!

Nicole Benson's picture
Nicole Benson
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WOW. Absolutely beautiful.
Perhaps I am the target audience for this ad or maybe I just sensitive, but I certainly felt the emotional message this commercial delivered.
I like the way it conveyed the urgency of this issue without making it a 'sad' commercial.
I will certainly be sharing this.


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Brilliant. And touching.

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