WATERisLIFE: First World Problems Anthem

Advertising Agency: DDB, New York, USA
Chief Creative Officer: Matt Eastwood
Executive Creative Director: Menno Kluin
Head of Production: Ed Zazzera
Producer: Lindsey Hutter
Copywriter: Frank Cartagena
Art Director: Sam Shepherd
Director/Editor: Alec Helm
Designer: Juan Carlos Pagan
Motion Graphics: Gina Lin
Music: In The Groove Music


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this is so dumb, don't you think people in the first world have serious problems too?
for example this fake-tvc will win no award: you get fired, stressed, depressive, alcoholic, heart attack, finally you will die.... big problems, i think!

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Roger Keynes
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I think this ad is meant to polarise people... from those who are human enough to help others less fortunate...
and those who can fuck off and go straight to the die part. That's two problems solved. ;)

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Will Think for Salary

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Noone's buying that the whole #firstworldproblems trend was serious. It was a joke, ironical, and more effective than this ad!

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love it sooo much ...i can relate coming from Kenya it definitely hits the problem in the head. Big up to ddb

groovy baby!

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great idea. But I think it doesn't need any explanation at the end.

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Cannes. Stop hating something so good. Yes, first world citizens also have problems but that's not the point.

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Nike Diesel
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Really, really good. Well done.

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I hate it when they turn memes into ads.

Stay low, move fast. Kill first, die last. 1 shot 1 kill, not luck, just skill.

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I agree with you. This whole concept of "firstworldproblems" was most likely created by a 10 year old using his iFunny app. Taking that to this is not creative, embarrassing and totally inappropriate. That phrase continues to be a joke on many of these meme sites and to create a commercial with such a serious topic from something so silly is actually offensive.

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Lame indeed.

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not bad.

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Roger Keynes
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The Jobless Writer
Will Think for Salary

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