Wasting Water is Weird: Dishwasher

Advertising Agency: Shelton Group, Knoxville, USA
Creative Director: Larry Washington
Associate Creative Director: Brian Kelley
Art Director: Matt Brass
Director: Benji Weinstein
Producer: Lindsey Fischbach Amoss

August 2011


SnarkyComment's picture
8 pencils

Really funny and unexpected.

Jesse Brass's picture
Jesse Brass
36 pencils

I love the sound effects.

HappyHour's picture
2381 pencils

The only thing weird here is the strategy.

SnarkyComment's picture
8 pencils

? Seems pretty solid to me. Make it seem weird to waste water.

HappyHour's picture
2381 pencils

But what is weird about wasting water? Perhaps if it went deeper into talking about how it's "weird" that we waste the substance that makes up 90% of our body, or the thing that we can't exist without, then maybe I could see them calling it "weird."

Just because they have a funny actor and a voiceover that says "it's weird to waste water" without any insight behind it doesn't make me or any other reasonable consumer actually believe that it's weird to waste water.

Hammad S's picture
Hammad S
484 pencils

Weird is relative. Lots of things are weird, doesn't stop them from happening... Who cares if its weird? Like I give a care about what someone else thinks.....they should make it more personal.

mdb1974's picture
411 pencils

very "weird" for someone who does not care what others think to be posting in an online forum.

Rodolfomag's picture
70 pencils

Come on You just always needs the same message about "don´t waste the water, save the planet" to make more memorable the idea?

ClickAndRun's picture
48 pencils

I love the campaign

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