Volvo: Slalom Test Levels 1-3

Advertising Agency: Arnold Worldwide London & Boston, MA, EuroRSCG 4D Amsterdam, Netherlands
Chief Creative Officer: Pete Favat
Global Creative Director: Stephen Ward
Creative Directors: Bram de Rooij and Chris Carl
Head of Broadcast / Director of Integrated Production: Bill Goodell
Art Directors: Luke Perkins, Feike Kloostra
Copywriters: Mike Howard, Darren Reynoldson
Producers: Bill Goodell, Jose Karsten
Editorial Company: Cutters LA, Santa Monica, CA
Editor: Ryan McGuire
EP: Nicole Visram
Asst Editors: Roy Simonds/Alex Montone
Telecine: Company 3, New York
Colorist: Tim Masick
Producer: Tara Dowd
Post Production / VFX: Brickyard VFX, Boston, MA
Lead VFX Artist: Geoff McAuliffe
VFX Artist: Jimi Simmons
VFX Artist: Peter Bullis
Asst VFX Artist: Gina Downing
VFX Producer: Lucy Herzog
Music Composer: Neil Cleary
Recording / Mix: Soundtrack, Boston, MA
Audio Engineers: Mike Secher, Howard Carle, Brian McKeever
Production Company: LIMEY, Los Angeles , CA
Director: Scott Weintrob
DP: Morgan Susser
Producer / EP: Andrew Denyer
Drivers: Ben Collins, Mark Higgins

March 2010


Phil Lestino's picture
Phil Lestino
1686 pencils

This just proves they have a good stunt driver. It is not in the least bit naughty...

naughty would be the car being driven by a naked swedish blond bombshell,

drinking vodka and trying to run over old people on a zebra crossing...

I look forward to seeing other peoples ideas of how they could make this ad "naughty"

satrianee's picture
3748 pencils

Don't be that cruel dude. Car has something to do with it. But you're right with this "naughty" thing.

gmint7's picture
2683 pencils

maybe use the swedisth bombshells lining up on the road instead?


Brainsugar's picture
1613 pencils

too much cuts to prove something.

picopalqlea's picture
999 pencils

is he "The Stig" from Top Gear?

Wordnerd's picture
6692 pencils

agree. how is that "naughty"?

Prime83's picture
497 pencils

I like the music, especially the guitar solo at the end.

pixels's picture
19 pencils

I think it should say EXTREME since the car is showing off its extreme precision handling.

alexinplus's picture
3 pencils

bad music to this car class.

bad implements like the little fish, or the cat.

and its more important the precision handling, the CAR HAVE TO BE THE FIRST PEACE, HAVE TO BE SERIUS, HAVE TO BE WHIT OTHER MUSIC. ETC..

AssassinX's picture
1329 pencils

These just remind me of Saab 9-3's tricks.

Maybe this could work better on its own showreel site.

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