Volvo Safe and Style: 50 years

Advertising Agency: Memac Ogilvy & Mather, Dubai, UAE
Executive Creative Director: Till Hohmann
Creative Directors: Preethi Mariappan, Ramzi Moutran
Senior Art Director: Satyen Adhikari
Copywriter: Melanie Clancy
Senior Graphic Designer: Tamzin Hoets
Interactive Art Director: Rafael Guida
Web developers: Muhammad Baqir, Mohammed Sayeed
Senior Account Manager: Sarah Friswell
Senior Account Executive: Domenico Gambino
PR Account Executive: Rana Awad
Production House: Arabian Eye
Photographer: Charney Magri
Producer: Pooja Belani
Assistant: Kissanth Srikanth
Make up and hair: Kat Sumners
Stylist: Mandi Kingsbury
Retoucher: Jean-Paul van der Mescht
Senior Art Director: Mel Harvey
Junior Art Director: Zeina Sharaf

Published: November, 2009


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Relacionar el uso del cinturón con la seguridad es la cosa menos eficaz que he oído en mi vida.
No siempre lo original es efectivo.
Una persona que no usa el cinturón no va a empezar a usarlo después de ver este video, asi que sintiendolo mucho mi voto está claro.

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It feels more like a documentary than anything else. Is this the point of the video? If so, well done.

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It's a case study. The agency's solution to the problem. Their campaign.

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Me gusta la campaña, un gran beneficio con muy buena onda.

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i think they got the research wrong.

cool people is not FASHION people. (although fashion is cool)

but for $32,000. it's worth the effort.


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great campaign!

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I think some people misunderstand the purpose of a case study. This is not something necessarily created to make people wear seat belts but to show the campaign, wich buy the way is not the best one ever but surely has a different aproach in young people and better yet effective. Creativity is not always to come up with brilliant ideas that makes everyone give it ten stars or raise attention all over the world because it was never done, or never thought by someone else, or makes one lose one's mind in front of the idea, etc, etc. Advertising is not just about award winning, but effective selling in a creative way. Congrats so for the creative (effective) way of selling this idea.

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hm, thats' a good point diogor,

True that in advertising, aside from being creative, it's MORE important to be effective ( if not it wouldn't be a called advertising, wouldn't it?)

but i still wonder, in this case, what makes you think that the campaign proves effective?


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Creative idea to reintroduce the public to safety belts. Excellent execution for the budget.

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very nice...........

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two thumbs up.

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FOr that budget, what they did was simply mind blowing! Great work.

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