Volvo S60: Room for Pets

Advertising Agency: Arnold London, Ltd., Euro RSCG 4-D, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Group Creative Director: Stephen Ward
Creative Directors: Chris Carl, Bram de Rooji
Art Director: Luke Perkins
Copywriter: Mike Howard
Agency Producers: Anthony Gillard, Jose Karsten
Editorial Company: Cutters LA, Santa Monica, CA
Editor: Ryan McGuire
EP: Nicole Visram
Production Company: LIMEY, LA
Director: Scott Weintrab
DP: Morgan Susser
Producer/EP: Andrew Denyer
Drivers: Ben Collins, Mark Higgins


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is that "The Stig"?

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Yes. That is The Stig in this 80's chest beating commercial.

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@picopalqlea Yep

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seriously? you had a puma and a racing theme and this is what you came up with? you are disappointing.

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pumping metal soundtrack, panther, great editing/direction . nice way to make a lame car look awesome. but average idea.

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like the other ones better, the puma is silly...

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This is just a remake of Ken Blocks Gymkhana!? Crap pet line thrown on top.

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Love the car but not the stupid chauffeur !

Simple ideas are the best !

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Ad is mediocre but their website advertising is great. Very interactive and fun to explore the new features.

Cognito Ergo Sum

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As a Volvo owner it made me giggle, but really this is lame. It tries to hard to convince anyone that this car is cool and only comes off reminding everyone that it is anything but. It's a wagon. Fast, maybe. But still a wagon.

Too forced and I HATED the music combined with this product. so way wrong.

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