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The Volley Warehouse was born of a vision, which was born of a shoe, which was worn on a foot. The ‘Exceptionally Average’ ethos that has seen the Dunlop Volley flourish for 70 years has now spread its wings to encompass the Volley Warehouse. Set amongst the affordable real estate and spacious surrounds of a disused industrial backlot, the warehouse exists to provide you, the loyal Volley customer, with a variety of ‘life enhancing’ products, all available here through volleywarehouse.com.au.

Advertising Agency: Marilyn & Sons, Melbourne, Australia
Creative Directors: Gavin Willemsen, Kristian Jamieson
Art Director: Martin Brown
Copywriter: Steve Justice
Interactive Creative Director: Benjamin Hammond

September 2009


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Is this a joke?????

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Yes, it is. It's a parody of TV shopping products.

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go to the website - www.volleywarehouse.com.au - it's advertising shoes. the website is a cracker!

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oh my god!

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"The Volley Warehouse was born of a vision, which was born of a shoe, which was worn on a foot."
That copywriter is a genius. Btw: Is Steve Justice his real name?
I love this shit

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No, copywriters are supposed to communicate EFFECTIVELY… I still don't know what this campaign is about, and I read that self-indulgent description. Twice.


"I love some things, and don't love some other things."

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i don't think this is supposed to sell anything as a priority. (shoes as far as i got it) this is some mixed viral/image/fun project for the brand.

it's not an ad. it's about making people wonder what this is about, if they are serious and so on. and for me this is effectively communicated. in a weird way but still

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I agree. Grabs attention which is half the battle. It's for people with a sense of humor.

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Although parodies of TV infomercials are nothing new, they always get attention simply because they are made to be attention grabbers. As we all know, attention grabbed is battle half won. We've seen pretty good ones and pretty bad ones. This series in particular is pretty funny. If you don't get a bit of a chuckle, then you must be too uptight. It grabbed your attention but didn't sell you because you wouldn't have bought the product anyway no matter how good the pitch.

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this one is the best, hahaha Gothic GIG, hahaaha...

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