Close call

September 2009
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The Volley Warehouse was born of a vision, which was born of a shoe, which was worn on a foot. The ‘Exceptionally Average’ ethos that has seen the Dunlop Volley flourish for 70 years has now spread its wings to encompass the Volley Warehouse. Set amongst the affordable real estate and spacious surrounds of a disused industrial backlot, the warehouse exists to provide you, the loyal Volley customer, with a variety of ‘life enhancing’ products, all available here through

Advertising Agency: Marilyn & Sons, Melbourne, Australia
Creative Directors: Gavin Willemsen, Kristian Jamieson
Art Director: Martin Brown
Copywriter: Steve Justice
Interactive Creative Director: Benjamin Hammond

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LOL...geez is this for realz? I need one of those man