Volkswagen: Market

Advertising Agency: Adam&EveDDB, UK
Executive Creative Director: Jeremy Craigen
Copywriter: Mike Crowe
Art director: Rob Messeter
Planner: Elaine Miller
Designers: Alek Sonman, Pete Mould, Nick Clements
Project Management: Craig Neilson, Diya Babel, Hege Ulbrich
Art Buyer: Daniel Moorey
Photographer: Jason Hindley
CGI / Retouching: Recom Farmhouse
Media agency: Mediacom
Media planner: Emma Franklin
Agency TV Producer: Lucinda Ker
Production company: Rattling Stick
Director: Andy McLeod
Producer: Kirsty Dye
Audio Post Production: Joe Mount / Wave Studios
Post Production: Big Buoy

July 2012


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Very strange ad. I don't understand what's the point.

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the point is to say that Volkswagens are sold at such low/convenient prices that it's comparable to casually shopping for fruit and veggies at a farmers market.

i agree that it is way too strange and leaves you with a wtf feeling

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C.R.A.P, really bad. Adam & Eve sure are making a difference there.

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That means easy and cheap to buy?

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This one is no good.

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I like it, as a Brit, maybe there is a cultural aspect.

People go to markets to buy their fruit and veg because it's very good value.

VW. Unbelievable value.

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Interesting concept from Volkswagen LOL. The VW Golf was compared to the vegetables in the market? What they want to convey is that buying their cars is like buying vegetable in the market. It's cheap and maybe of good value..:)

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Iain H
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I find this very demeaning to the brand. Cheapens it and undoes all the great equity built previously.

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