Volkswagen: Copy

Our prices are just like this: impossible to copy.

Advertising Agency: 11:21, Rio, Brazil
Creative Director: Gustavo Bastos
Art Directors: Leandro Barbosa, Paulo Franco
Copywriter: Gustavo Bastos
Director: Bruno Murtinho
Producer Co.: Gema Filmes

April 2011


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Could've been shorter, but I likey.

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shekhar zinge
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what's the wow in this? Seen the photocopy/impossible to copy thing at least 2 times for cars, and who knows how many for other sectors.

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Nice, not so well produce although

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Phony Ads
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Why not simply, " Our prices are impossible to copy."

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Amateur production

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Great concept. Not sure about selling on price however.

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Oh God, that was pathetic! Did they really show something that amateurish on Brazilian TV? Can't believe VW's headquarter allowed for it.

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Good way to be cheap without being cheap.

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I didn't get! If the Ad is for VW sub-dealer, than it's kinda ok thing but the TVC is for VW Corporate Dealer and for that reason I think it is a poor TVC. Maybe it can be better if the printed paper was totally blank rather than this one!

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Maybe would have been better if it kept coming out blank... and then he tries to put the paper the other way on the glass (90 degrees) (like we've all been through.) and that doesn't work - and then he pulls out that annoying #2 handle and tries to shut it while the #2 handle was still open like we all have done once... and then 11x17 paper comes out - but it's still blank! And then he kicks the machine and leaves- and then once he's out of the scene... the line comes on that just says "Our prices are impossible to copy."

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