Volkswagen Accessoires: Smart building, Wild west

We tell a story about the accessoires-king hans porter, who like to show the craftsmen in the world, how easy you can assure your goods in a transporter, caddy or crafter. But, all the time he will make a misstake, cause his not a professional. So, his assistant Peter Lieferts will show us the right way with the original volkswagen accessoires. Cassy caddy, the smart and sexy girl will help him and she will visit you on site in the end of summer to show you the Volkswagen accessoires.

Advertising Agency: Wüschner/naylil, Munich, Germany
Creative Director: Dominik Heinrich
Strategic Director: Manfred Simon
Art Directors: Lilian Neunhoeffer, Stephan Krammel, Tanja Wischer, Lena Blaetz
Copywriter: Stefanie Wollgarten
Online Director: Jens Nuesch
Illustrator: Lilian Neunhoeffer
Photographer: Lars Gay
Filmproduction: element e, Hamburg, Germany
Director: Georg von Mitzlaff
Aired: July 2010


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unpimp your car für arme oder was?

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105 pencils

I don't know why Volkswagen spent money on these stupid ads.
Next time try to put some English subtitles.

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Ich habe diese Werbung gerade als abschreckendes Beispiel für meine Marketing-Vorlesung ausgewählt. Schlechter geht's nicht.
Prof. Dr. Steffen Wettengl
Hochschule Ulm

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