Visa: I Fight For Vietnam

Advertising Agency: TBWA\ Vietnam
Executive Creative Director: Patrick Tom
Copywriter: Vy Nguyen
Art Director: Patrick Tom
Director: Andrew Piggot
Executive Producer: Gordon Westman
Producer: Hai Ta
Production Company: Fatman Films
Director of Photography: Trinh Hoa
Editor: Huynh Phuong Phi
Music composers: Dao Bao Nguyen, Patrick Tom
Traditional Vietnamese Flutist: Hoang Anh Tuan


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Boring. Cheesy. And completely lacking in insight to tie it up to Visa.

John Hunt must not have signed this off.

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Seriously? Boring and cheesy? Since when did any brand have a specific reason to be at the Olympics besides a sports shoe product? It's a freakin athlete's story. What the hell have you done in your pathetic life? Sorry I'm going off but Olympians are extraordinary people. Calling their story boring is a complete lack of respect for their talent. So let's see your accomplishments against hers? ... yep, that's what I thought.

While I think it may not be funny or humorous, it is touching and I agree with Lazarus that the music is very cool.

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Shouldnt have thrown that burrito in your face. You've got a nasty side man

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Hahaa. If it were a Carne Asada maybe I wouldn't have gone off! Sorry. Just caught me in a bad mood and something hit a nerve.

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gets boring after the first 20 seconds....

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I liked it, BUTTTT not that special.

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The music is great. Perfect scoring.

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nothing that makes me go wow but it gives me a smile.

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Too bad she lose so soon. I think this is nice tvc.

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