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Verizon: Vampire

Spend eternity on the network with almost 5X more 3G coverage than AT&T.

Advertising Agency: McCann Erickson NY USA
Chief Creative Officer: Joyce King Thomas
EVP, Executive Creative Director: George Dewey
SVP, Group Creative Director: Chris Quillen
SVP, Group Creative Director / CW: Dan Donovan
SVP, Group Creative Director / AD: Marco Cignini
Production Company: Furlined
Directors: Speck/Gordon
DP: Claudio Miranda
Executive Producer: David Thorne
Agency Production / SVP, Director of Verizon Production: Michele Ferone
Producer: Jessica Coccaro
Music Producer: Mike Boris
Editorial: Cut and Run
Editor: TG Herrington & Alex Dondero
Music: Duotone
Graphics / Map FX: Charlex
FX Supervisor: Steve Chiarello
Producer: Alex Jarman
Colorist: Tim Masick @ Company 3
Audio Post: Steve Rosen @ Sonic Union

February 2010


gmint7's picture
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i dunno, somehow this is just funny...


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art one
70 pencils

that was terrible.....absolutely horrible! i give it minus stars...... REALLY????????

everartz's picture
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holy shit!!! this is one of the ugliest things i've ever seen!! they cant be serious about this crap!

| Everartz |

CurryJ's picture
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Cool ending with the wolf... :)

I think; therefore I am

Phil Lestino's picture
Phil Lestino
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As the wolf so.

michdec's picture
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i find it funny, probably just because anything that mocks twilight gets a plus from me!

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Shadow Ops
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I"m not sure they were mocking twilight more than they were riding the coat tails. However...the tween girls will LOVE THIS!! It gets a little weird when all the HS girls are in the woods after he's ditched his ATT babe. It's a fun spot. The back end 3g girls should not be there. He should just disappear. And then come back with the stinger of a new babe with the 3G. just my two cents.

Let's keep advertising fun

sirvan's picture
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That is one sad bandwagon.


"I love some things, and don't love some other things."

Patata Casada's picture
Patata Casada
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I'm gonna say this in my language. I think it expresses better what I want to say:

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Bazska's picture
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This is just sad. Though I always like comparative ads, as it is forbidden here.

"If I had asked my customers what they wanted, they would have said a faster horse." H. Ford

grafikaholic's picture
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Good job man, Not 2 Bad

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atb2005's picture
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I hate it when people offer knee-jerk reactions such as "crap", the "ugly", "next", "horrible", "fail", etc. Care to explain your reasoning or why you don't like something? I agree with grafikaholic: it's not too bad. This is definitely not one of my favorite commercials, but at the same time I don't find it horrible. Clearly, the guys at Erickson are poking fun at Twilight. I don't watch it, but I know that it's become a cultural phenomenon. So yeah, I find the ad mildly funny. It's definitely not on par with E*Trade's milkaholic baby, but still.

Patata Casada's picture
Patata Casada
118 pencils

"Care to explain your reasoning or why you don't like something?"
Man, I think it's obvious...

atb2005's picture
13561 pencils

Is it? Perhaps you care to create your own version of this ad? Or maybe a totally different ad? What's obvious to me is that Erickson is doing what Apple has been doing for years. In this ad, we have the At&t girl vs. the Verizon Wireless girls. In the case of Apple, we have Mac guy vs. PC guy. As for all the vampire references, like I said, the agency was poking fun at Twilight. No, they weren't promoting the show, nor was Verizon condoning the extreme antisocial behavior of blood sucking.

Shingo's picture
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not bad guys, it's not the best but i see it Good..

vrginie's picture
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I found it funny... I liked how his voice changed.

Molecule's picture
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PUHlease!!!! so bad.

J Designer's picture
J Designer
2420 pencils

This vampire is much better looking then the one in twilight. I like the wolf too.

I found this funny. Nice casting.

Tommy G.'s picture
Tommy G.
897 pencils

perfect for twilight fans I guess

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They are over exploiting the map concept.

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