VB Beer: Cry

“Cry”, using Neil Diamond’s Hello Again, is the first ad in the new VB “Real” campaign. The new campaign was developed from insights pointing to an increasingly superficial society, and asks men to take an honest look at themselves and pose the question, have I gone too far? From photo-shopping Facebook profile photos to skinny jeans and plastic surgery, the campaign showcases that, while superficiality will always exist, men have a real desire to be authentic.

Advertising Agency: droga5 Sydney, Australia
Creative Chairman: David Nobay
Executive Creative Director: Duncan Marshall
Creative Team: Cam Blackley and Matty Burton
Creatives: Guybrush Taylor, Chris Berents, Andy Ferguson, Marcus Johnson, Omid Amidi
Senior TV Producer: Paul Johnston
Business Director: Jamie Clift
Account Director: Esther Knox
Account Manager: Lucy McBurney
Planning Director: Sudeep Gohil
Senior Planner: Chris D’Sylva
Director: Steve Rogers
Executive Producer: Mike Ritchie
Production Company: Revolver
DOP/Cinematographer: Russell Boyd
Editor: Jack Hutchings at The Butchery
Music Production Company: Nylon
Sound Designer: Simon Lister & Tone Aston
Casting: Peta Einberg
Marketing Director: Peter Sinclair
Group Marketing Manager: Paul Donaldson
Senior Brand Manager: Craig Maclean
Trade Marketing Manager: Michael Ismailoglu
Assistant Brand Manager: Ashley Barton
Via: mumbrella


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Reality Check
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Sweet, goofy commercial.

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Top notch execution; old trite concept... This spot should be right next to the Man Up billboard for Miller Lite on this site.. Not all guys are gay or metrosexual and if some happen to be, so what?

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Reality Check
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@ atb2005

VB Beer: Cry says that it's okay to have fun and not take yourself too seriously, and that's pretty cool in my book.

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Fucking FANTASTIC!!! it premiered in my loungeroom last night... gave me goosebumps... Good on 'em and fuckin good on VB for bringing it back and smashing it.

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Wrong agency listed. This is done by Droga5, Sydney.

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jajaja good

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WOW! look at the list of client's people there :p

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The agency is droga5 Sydney and not Clemenger. David Nobay still works at droga5 as far as I know.

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Tx! Sorry

Ivan Raszl, admin of AotW

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just outstanding....will undoubtedly win something at Cannes....just a matter of what colour metal !! The first original and progressive beer ad out of Australia for many years

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Come on guest above, you really haven't seen the strategy of "man enough for beer" before? Get out of the cave.

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good idea. loved it.


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