Valdivieso: Celebration

Advertising Agency: Agencia Fauna, Chile
Creative Director: Gregory Foweraker
Art Director: Juanma Godoy
Copywriters: Benjamín Pérez, Gregory Foweraker, Juanma Godoy
Agency Producer: Jacqueline Cammás
Production Company: Paraíso Films
Director: Alejandro "Mascota" Molina
Producer: Christian Espinoza
Director of Photography: Pablo Derecho
Post Production: Poston
Color: Moris Muñoz
Music: Darío Segui

December 2012


lifejoke's picture

i suppose it talks to the target, but you should feel bad to do such crap..

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People from Ads of the World, why the hell do you upload these things? A little bit of criterion, please.

miko1aj's picture
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terrible crap. sorry. celebration, yeah, yeah, yeah

CommandZ's picture
2494 pencils

Oy vey.

kleenex's picture
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I do not mind them uploading this stuff... We have to see some low end crap.

Nickblast's picture

A couple of weeks ago this ad started running in my country. You have to keep in mind that from this finally is showed just like 30 sec, and the target is people who don't speak english, so the lyrics aren't really important when here the only word recognizable is "celebration". Is just champagne, the brand has good reputation among common people, new year celebrations are coming and that spirit is in the ad.

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Super Trouper
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no, no, no

Abhishek Parikh's picture
Abhishek Parikh
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Resources wasted.

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